Order Entry

The first step in successful fulfillment service is order entry. Our Oracle-based software — combined with trained, professional personnel — makes sure your orders are placed efficiently and accurately. In fact, all orders with available inventory received by our fulfillment center before 3 p.m. are shipped the same day.

Our order taking is flexible. Orders can be taken by phone, fax and mail and also may be transmitted electronically through real time XML file transfers.

Our software solution is specifically designed for the rapidly growing marketing, distribution, and e-commerce business sectors.

The software manages the following fulfillment services:

  • Sales Representative Processing
    Establishes and maintains sales rep master records, sales quotas and sales commissions
  • Customer Processing
    Used to establish and maintain customer master records, customer codes, buying groups, customer account classes and tax exemption groups
  • Customer Pricing
    Establishes and maintains customer contract prices, price groups and the customer price matrix
  • Sales Order Entry and Shipping
    Used to enter customer sales order into the system and to process the orders for shipments
  • Sales Order Credit Processing
    The sales order credit processing programs are used to manage customer credit limits
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Success Story

The Order Fulfillment Group's fulfillment services have simplified my life. They process orders the same day, provide online inventory and reporting. Their central location allows our material to get to my customers faster at less

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