Accounting Services

For our order fulfillment clients', we offer management and processing of payments and billing. A majority of our clients choose this service. The main payment methods are:

  • All major credit cards - We work with our clients to help them setup their own Authorize.Net account to process credit cards. Authorize.Net works seamlessly with all online shopping cart systems. Authorize.Net ensures that their customers data is protected and that they are PCI compliant.
  • Checks -
    We deposit checks into your local bank account
  • Money orders -
    We deposit money orders into your local bank account
  • Gift Certificate -
    Redeem gift certificates for merchandise
  • Payroll Deduction -
    Charge your employees for merchandise via payroll deduction
  • Purchase orders -
    We invoice the customer and either:
    • Send you a copy for collection
    • Receive payments and manage your A/R
    • Track G/L codes
    • Track Budget Codes
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7313 Mayflower Park Dr Zionsville, IN 46077

Phone : 317-733-7755

Fax : 317-733-8799

Success Story

The Order Fulfillment Group's fulfillment services have simplified my life. They process orders the same day, provide online inventory and reporting. Their central location allows our material to get to my customers faster at less

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