Our fulfillment center essentially functions as your "bricks and mortar" location, and our goal is to streamline your supply chain efficiently. We ask that you provide a copy of each purchase order you administer. Your product suppliers ship your products to our fulfillment center. Once your products arrive, we generally will have them ready for distribution to your customers within 24 hours. We also offer various levels of inspection of your products based upon your requirements.

We will ensure that your inventory receives the appropriate amount of dedicated space. Each item is situated using our fulfillment center management system, which maximizes efficiencies and provides fast and efficient distribution to your customers.


Each returned unit is identified, counted, and inspected according to guidelines established jointly by The Order Fulfillment Group and you. These guidelines identify the criteria that are used to determine a returned product's final disposition (credit, refund, replace). Products returned to our fulfillment center in good condition are returned to stock. Non-conforming goods are either held for re-work, disposed of or sent back to the original manufacturer. Our customer establishes these rules.

Upon completion of each RMA, customers will have access to online reports comparing the actual quantity returned and the disposition (credit, refund, replace) of each unit. The Order Fulfillment Group's goal is to process and report each RMA within 5-7 working days. If a replacement is necessary, our fulfillment center staff will pick, pack and ship the appropriate replacement item(s).

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The Order Fulfillment Group's fulfillment services have simplified my life. They process orders the same day, provide online inventory and reporting. Their central location allows our material to get to my customers faster at less

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